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Scots Pine as a Resource



Forest Research

Project: Scots pine timber quality in North Scotland: market requirements and resource availability

Report: Scots Pine timber quality in North Scotland - market requirements and resource availability

Scots Pine timber quality in North Scotland - Market Development Study

Report on the Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Structural Timber from Three Stands

Forestry Commission

Maximising the potential of UK grown Scots pine falling boards (BRE work on laminating falling boards)

Opportunities for UK grown timber: Wood Modification state of the art review

Round timber in construction: an introduction (TRADA report)

Red Band Needle Blight, research note

Assessing timber quality in Scots pine, research note

Genetic gain from Scots pine: potential for new commercial seed orchards, information note

The products of conifer tree breeding in Britain, information note

Forestry Commission info page on Scots pine

Breeding Scots pine - Forestry Commission information

News release about Scots pine market development study


Trees for life

British trees website 

Habitat action plan for native pinewoods

Royal Forestry Society 

Scottish Natural Heritage 



Finnish Forest Association: forest sector information, news, events

Finnish Forest Industries Federation: news, current topics, events, knowledge bank

Finnish Forest Research Institute: research, publications, statistics, Metinfo – forest information services

Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: publications on forest sector

Finnish Sawmills Association: wood product industries promotion, member company presentations

Forestry Centre TAPIO & Regional Forestry Centres: forest management and silviculture instructions and projects

Forest Cluster Ltd: research programmes, news, events

Gateway to Finnish forests and forest sector: overall information of forest sector

Metsäteho Ltd.; review publications and vocational training materials of forest harvesting, measurement and management

Puuinfo Ltd: wood promotion and product info (library, gallery, news)

Wood Wisdom Research Portal: projects, news, events and publications of Wood Material Science and Engineering Research Programme 2003-2007 (including the consortia of SPWT, VACHA and IMWO), also Wood Wisdom – a Finnish Forest Cluster Research Programme 1998-2001 and Wood-Wisdom-net Research Programme 2008-2011



Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute

Trefokus - Promotion and info on wood

Skogkurs - Forestry Extension Institute

Tresenter - Network for wood engineering

Skogindustri - News for the woodworking industry

Skog - Norwegian Forest Owner Assisiation

Skogmus - Norwegian Forest Museum

UMB - University of Life Sciences, Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management

Nothern Periphery Programme 2007 - 2013. Innovatively investing in Europe's Northern periphery for a sustainable and prosperous future. European Union - European Regional Development Fund

Stimulating the development and utilisation of Scots Pine as a basis for supporting sustainable rural enterprises.